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For all submissions, we ask that you email us a pitch (200-250 words) that briefly outlines what you are going to be writing about. Pieces can be as long as you would like, but are not to be self-promoting, discriminatory, and plagiarized.

If you have the piece ready, do specify this. You may also include a one-to-four sentence bio of yourself. Any links to your previous works are encouraged to be included in the email.

  • Choose a passionate topic

  • Create a pitch

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  • Let us handle it


We require an exemplar showcasing your writing style and a brief summary for why you would like to join this position. Demonstrating an interest in the topics HuesReviews publishes would be beneficial here. Responses can be personal or professional, but we ask them to certainly be passionate.

IndependEnt pieces

You can still send in your work without being part of a position. We ask them to be of interest regarding the following area(s): Politics, Equality, Economy, Legal, Mental Health, or Creative. Include a pitch and any other information you consider relevant. All writers are welcome.